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Curiosidy Consulting

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Find the Perfect Phone Service for Your Business

Expert Guidance to Find Your Ideal Phone Service 

Ready to improve your business communication? 

Choosing the right phone service provider can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. We'll help as much as you'd like.

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Start researching the project yourself!
Here is our 
free guide detailing the exact process businesses
navigate to get a new phone system installed. 

Business communication that works 

Don't know where to start? 

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Telephone service -  Unified Communications - Call Center
We'll point you in the right direction.

Like any tool, business phone service comes in a variety of capabilities, flavors, and colors. VoIP systems offer improved call quality and reliability, leading to better communication with customers and increased business opportunities.

  • Is it a challenge to sort through the available phone and internet providers in your area?
  • Tough to determine which phone system would work best for your team's style, size, and industry?  
  • Want transparent and multiple pricing options? 
  • Need a friendly guide to hold your hand through the process of upgrading your phone service technology? 

We put the best options on the table 
You get to choose

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Hello, Hello! 

My name is Cody

A history riddled with adventure through employment of cable companies, wireless carriers, and business software sales. It wasn't too exciting until Cody found a knack for business conversations that goes much beyond his specialty in telecom. 

Answering questions about phones for over 10 years, I have a deep appreciation for the art of communication. We can all communicate, network, and navigate with intention.  Technology is the doorway in to this conversation.  "It's a challenger sale approach" he says, as he discusses the methodology used to help businesses identify the right tools.  Many companies will continue to use antiquated phones and outdated software, simply because they don't know the ease of use they're missing out on.   What many leaders are able to discover is that communication technology can often increase overall business efficiency and simultaneously reduce operating costs.  Are you seeing the win-win-win scenario here yet? 

Willing to get vulnerable?  My goal is to get your hands on the best tools in the market. We help you find, learn, and procure the business software that will accelerate you beyond your goals. 

Sincere regards, 
Your biggest cheerleader -  Cody F

Get To Know Cody and Curiosidy Project

An advocate for you and your business to move more

220+ partnerships 

We found the goods ones, so you don't have to 

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Ready to chat about an upgrade strategy? We'd love to meet you

Consultations are free - let's see if it makes sense to work together.  

Curiosidy Project LLC 
Empowerment through Questioning

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